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Capital Fundraising

One of the most valuable services a CFO can offer the Founders of a startup is assistance with capital raising. 65% of startups fail due to a lack of sufficient capital to execute their plans. We support fundraising efforts by providing additional bandwidth, experience and relationships to make following up with investors a success. Since Y2K, we have helped dozens of companies raise early round capital in excess of $50M. The difference between Companies that succeed and those that fail is often having the right resources to devote to the fundraising effort. We are experienced in the process and offer a professional approach to attracting investors. Our level of involvement will depend on your needs. We welcome the opportunity to assist with executing your fundraising strategy. We will help you understand and answer the following questions;

• Targeting Fundraising Sources – Who do we target and how?

• Valuations – What is an appropriate valuation for us at each stage of our development?

• Tool Box – Elevator Pitch, Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, and 18 Month Plan – Are we prepared with the right tools?

• The Pitch – What is most important for Investors to hear?

• Use of Proceeds – How much Capital do we really need?

• Facing rejection – Why do most startups get rejected and how do we overcome objections?

• Coaching – What are the qualities of successful Founders?

• Due Diligence – Are we ready for investor questions in advance?

• Term Sheets – What are the key provisions and how do they affect us?

• Closing – Do we understand what do all these documents mean?

• Post-Closing – How do we manage our investor relationships to assure continuous their ongoing support?

CFO Services

For most companies, recruiting and hiring a full-time CFO is not necessary in the early stage. Nonetheless, it is necessary that the company obtain the benefit of CFO experience in raising capital and setting the strategic course for the company. A.T.Healey offers clients a highly experienced, executive level financial person at an affordable price to companies with future growth potential. Our approach is to partner with clients and structure our fees to accommodate clients with current cash limitations. Engagements can be structured as special projects to support the CEO or CFO on business planning and corporate transactions, or as ongoing support on a month to month basis..

We also offer 30 years of audit, tax, and management experience to better design, implement and maintain your systems, and provide you with operational support on time-sensitive business opportunities like capital raising, strategic partnering, tax planning, budgeting, forecasting, and due diligence support on corporate transactions.

Our Expertise In CFO Services Include: 1. Board Presentations 2. Investor Presentations 3. Cash-flow Modeling 4. Strategic Partnering 5. Policy and Procedures 6. Specified Procedure Engagements 7. Government Contracting 8. Tax Planning 9. ROI Analysis 10. Benefit / Incentive Plan Development 11. Strategies to Improve Efficiencies

We offer a highly effective outsourced solution that combines leading SAP technology with trained professional staffing to orchestrate repeatable scalable accounting procedures that promote efficiency and control over financial reporting and decision making. Whether you are a financially savvy CFO with a track record of successful finance function development, or an entrepreneur launching a startup enterprise for the very first time, we have built and staffed a customizable plug and play accounting system that you can trust so you can focus your time on more strategic matters that will grow and improve your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing, you are guaranteed to receive reliable, trustworthy and professional services tailored to your specific needs. You will also avoid the work of hiring, training and supervising internal staff, allowing you to focus your time on core business activities.

How Else Can My Company Benefit From Outsourcing?

Our talented staff can offer improvements to your accounting and bookkeeping functions, internal controls and financial reporting. You also gain access to our broad range of knowledge and expertise in handling complex accounting issues that may arise.

Why Automate?

Why Automate? Automation saves you time and money. It reduces the time needed to process transactions, documents better the entire process, and makes document retrieval easy.

I Have a Great Bookkeeper, but I Need Something More. How Can A.T.Healey Help?

Through our CFO services, A.T.Healey will provide oversight and support to your bookkeeper to increase productivity and expertise.

Possible Risks

Poor Financial Record-keeping: This will result in wasted time searching for information during audit and due diligence, reproducing financial statements, accounting schedules, and reports.

Poorly Trained Staff and Supervision: This becomes a drain on entrepreneurs who need to focus their time on product development and sales and marketing. 

Loss of Focus: Managing an untrained accounting staff can become a distraction from your core business focus.

We Will Help You
to Understand:

  • How to build your finance function
  • How to raise capital in the early stage
  • How to automate your accounting process
  • How to reduce risk
  • And more

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